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  • Save materials to the cloud
  • Share resources with other teachers
  • Find new teaching aids
  • Access anywhere with internet
  • Access on any device
  • Never lose materials again
  • TEFL, ESL, English teachers

What can Materials Share do for me?

Find teaching aids materials and resources fast

Materials Share has been designed to be as simple, quick and easy to use as possible whilst still being a robust and powerful application. Materials Share offers a selection of categories to describe your material. Some of these include: files to upload, objective, level, textbook, class time and many more. In all there are 20 options you can choose from.

You can choose how much information to input. Materials Share has a simple options system to select what you want information you want to input and when you want to do it. If you only have a few minutes you can take a quick picture on your mobile give it a title and upload it and you have created a material. Later you can go back and complete the full details.

save work to the cloud

Save your teaching material and resources to the cloud:

Materials saved in the cloud are available to you and other teachers (you don’t have to share your materials) from any location and from any device that is attached to the internet. Your laptop or work computer is the most obvious choice but, also your mobile phone or home TV can be used to browse or make new materials. After your material is uploaded you can access it anywhere, any time. It will be stored until you decided to delete it.

Sharing teaching aids materials with other teachers:

Material Share allows you to access materials from any other teacher who has uploaded a material. If you don’t have much time before a class and want supplementary materials do a quick search and find a suitable material that is applicable.

share work

Search for teaching material, resources and teaching aids:

Materials Share allows you to search through all the uploaded materials for a specific detail. This could be level: intermediate, book: Headway, grammar point: simple past, topic: family.

Get feedback and ratings on your uploaded teaching resources:

Each material can be rated by teachers on a scale of 1 -5 hearts. It is easy to do and can help you get the best material for your class. In addition to rating each material has a comments section for thanking the uploader, tips on improvements, variations for uses of the material or, other comments.

feedback and rating