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2 Hukma’s Scrapbook

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2 Hukma’s Scrapbook


By the end of the activity pupils will be able to:

·     rearrange words into correct sentences based on the given pictures and paste them to create a simple scrapbook

Target Language:

Action verbs: runs, reads, collects, drinks, writes, sweeps

Time needed for preparation:

10 minutes

Time needed in class:

50 minutes


Year 2

Language Focus:

Language Arts

Activity Use:


Pupil Task:

Group Work
Whole Class

Which learning institute:



Photos of individual students doing an activity, jumbled-up words, glue, scissors, mounting board

Procedure before class:

1.   Before the lesson take the necessary photos of individual students doing the activity. 

Procedure in class:

1.       Show each photo to the class to review the verbs
2.       Ask the pupils what are the activities -runs, reads, collects, drinks, writes, sweeps.
3.       Give each pupil one envelope for each group (containing the materials to create a scrapbook.
4.        Pupils divide into 6 groups. Each group will have different words to be rearranged into correct sentence.
5.       In groups, pupils must create one page of the scrapbook and design them using their own creativity.


Follow Up:

In groups, pupils will present their scrapbook and read the answers to the other groups. Pupils will explain about their picture. 


Teacher can choose others verbs to be introduced to the pupils using the same activity or simply jumbling them for the students to make sentences to elicit pupil’s understanding on the use of them.


Teacher can put the scrapbook in the class, to ensure the pupils can revise it in future