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Board Game

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Board Game


By the end of the activity pupils will be able to:

·     say the sounds of the letters and name  vocabulary that starts with the letter that he/she got for each turn.

Target Language:

Phonics, vocabulary and pronunciation

Time needed for preparation:

5 minutes

Time needed in class:

10 minutes


Year 1

Language Focus:


Activity Use:


Pupil Task:

Pair Work

Which learning institute:



thick a4 paper, a dice and coins/counters

Procedure before class:

1.       Print out the template on a thick A4 size paper.
2.       Provide a dice for every pair of the pupils.

Procedure in class:

1.       Player 1 throws the dice and move the coin based on the number shown on the dice.
2.       Player 1 says the sound of the letter he/she lands on and states a word that starts with that sound or contains the sound.
3.       Teacher may prompt to guide if any player could not mention of any word.
4.       Player 2 repeat all the steps above.
5.       Players continue until they reach the finish line, the player who reaches the FINISH first wins the round.


Follow Up:

Pupils could do graphic-word matching activities that involve writing skills as well.

They could also be asked to spell the words mentioned by their partner or challenge each other to list as many words as they can containing that letter.


For beginners, the difficulty level could be reduced and they only need to pronounce the sound of the letters correctly.

For more advanced learners, the letters on the board could be updated according to their current level of learning.

This activity could also be conducted in a small group to accommodate a larger number of pupils in a class.

Pupils could flip coins instead of rolling dice. They must get the side of the coin with the number on to move forwards each turn.



Pupils would be more interested if the game has various levels of difficulties that they can accomplished.