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Classroom Items


By the end of the activity pupils will be able to:

·     identify and name the things in the classroom.

·     talk about things in the classroom in complete demonstrative pronoun sentences.

Target Language:

Demonstratives pronouns sentences. this is a ____________________.

Time needed for preparation:

5 minutes

Time needed in class:

20 minutes


Year 1

Language Focus:


Activity Use:


Pupil Task:

Whole Class

Which learning institute:



flash cards, picture dice, one dice per pupil.

Procedure before class:

1.       Print out flash cards.
2.       Print and cut the picture dice templates. A few different sets are needed..
3.       Fold and glue them into concrete picture dice. 


Procedure in class:

1.       Show the flash cards, elicit and guide pupils to identify and name the things in the classroom, for example:
Duster / board / cupboard / book / pencil / ruler / desk / table / chair / bag
2.       Show only pictures randomly to guide and elicit from the pupils to identify and name the things.
3.       Give each pupil a picture dice. Pupils work in pairs and take turns to throw the picture dice and name the things in the classroom.
4.       Show demonstrative pronoun keywords, use “this”.
5.       Guide pupils to speak in complete demonstratives pronouns sentences.
This is a book.
This is a ruler.
This is a pencil.
This is a bag.
This is a chair.
This is a desk.
This is a table.
This is a board.
This is a cupboard.
This is a duster.
6.       Pupils work in pairs and take turns to throw the picture dice. They speak in complete demonstrative pronoun sentences alternately.


Follow Up:

In groups, pupils can play a matching game, to match the things in the classroom with their names.

Individually, pupils can be given worksheets to write the name of things in the classroom based on the pictures.



Pupils learn a total of 11 items in the classroom. However, a dice has only 6 faces. Therefore, teacher should create a few different picture dice templates. Thus, pupils can exchange their dice to learn to name more objects in the classroom.



Pupils can take the picture dice home as gifts. They are highly motivated by the picture dice and can do more practice after the lesson.