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Individual Mini-Whiteboards

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Individual Mini-Whiteboards


By the end of the activity pupils will be able to:

·     identify different places in a town

·     draw things that can be found in each place

Target Language:

Names of places ‘in my town’: bookshop, hospital, restaurant, police station, library/ common nouns - things found in each place

Time needed for preparation:

5 minutes

Time needed in class:

30 minutes


Year 2

Language Focus:

Language Arts

Activity Use:


Pupil Task:

Whole Class

Which learning institute:



For each pupil, one small formica white board (30cm x 30cm) and one marker pen. cloths to clean the boards.

Procedure before class:

1.       Bring the set of white boards and marker pens to the classroom.

Procedure in class:

1.       Place five mini white boards along the bottom of the large class board. Elicit from the pupils the names of places in town, providing clues if necessary. Write one place at the top of each of the five mini boards.
2.       To find out pupils’ prior knowledge, take one of the small boards and elicit from pupils things that can be found in that place. Write and/or draw them on the small board.
3.       Repeat Step 2 with the other four boards.
4.       One pupil distributes the mini boards to each pupil in the class. Pupils take out their marker pens and cleaning cloths.
5.       Rub out the pictures on the five boards at the front to avoid pupils just copying the teacher’s pictures.
6.       Instruct each pupil to write one place at the top of their board, for example: book store and then draw pictures of things they can find there.
7.       Pupils choose other places and draw pictures as in Step 6.
8.       Monitor the pupils as they draw and encourage the higher level pupils to speak in full sentences. As pupils work, assess whether they are able to name five places in town. Assess whether pupils can name at least 2-3 things found in each place they draw. Make notes about the difficulties some pupils may be having and after the lesson, think how these difficulties can best be addressed.


Follow Up:

Pupils can make mini books ‘A Day in Town’. Encourage them to write and illustrate their books independently.

Pupils can work in groups. Each group is given a different place and they use resources in the classroom (their text books, books in the English Corner, wall charts, picture dictionaries etc.) to find as many things belonging to that place as possible. They draw them on their boards.

Pupils can play Pelmanism with a set of cards of places and things belonging in those places. Place the cards face-down on the floor. Pupils take turns to turn over two cards. If the place and the thing match and the pupil can say what they are, they win those cards.


The mini boards can be used very flexibly for any topic. For ‘My House’ pupils can practise writing focusing on particular structures e.g. ‘In the bedroom there is a bed’.


Ask pupils to tell you which places they see when they next go to town. Have a chart on the wall with the names of the places. Pupils put a sticker under the ones they’ve seen.