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Memorable Vocabulary: Revising Parts Of The Body

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Memorable Vocabulary: Revising Parts Of The Body


By the end of the activity pupils will be able to:


·     identify and label targeted parts of the body.

Target Language:

Body parts

Time needed for preparation:

15 minutes

Time needed in class:

40 minutes


Year 1

Language Focus:


Which learning institute:



one set of small word cards for each group, cellotape

Procedure before class:

1.  Prepare word cards by writing words and cutting the cards to size.

Procedure in class:

1.       Revise the vocabulary already introduced, by getting children to point to their noses, mouths and so on.
2.       Divide the class into groups, for example eight groups of six pupils.
3.       Explain the task.
4.       Group leaders collect sets of words.
5.       Groups select one child to be their ‘model’. See attachment.
6.       Pupils stick the labels on their model, competing to finish within the time limit given.
7.       Give marks to each group for every label correctly placed on the model’s body.
8.       Announce the winning group.


Follow Up:


The same activity can be repeated at a later date after more vocabulary for body parts has been covered, for example, in Year 2. This might be preceded by work with a picture dictionary. Children will be motivated to learn more items.


One option is to give the children blank cards and get each group to copy the words, at point 4 of the procedure above.

The number of vocabulary items selected can vary. With a good class you can go beyond the items in unit 7. For example, I added ‘elbow’ and ‘arm’.



The same technique of labelling a live ‘model’ could be used when teaching further parts of the body, for example, ‘chin’, ‘cheek’ and so on.