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Phonic ‘igh’ & ‘oa’

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Phonic ‘igh’ & ‘oa’


By the end of the activity pupils will be able to:

·     match the word cards with the pictures                                      

·     sound the graphemes correctly

·     join the graphemes ‘igh’ or ‘oa’ to form the correct words          

Target Language:

Sound graphemes ‘igh’ & ‘oa’

Time needed for preparation:

5 minutes

Time needed in class:

60 minutes


Year 2

Language Focus:


Activity Use:


Pupil Task:

Whole Class

Which learning institute:



flash cards, word cards, grapheme stickers for ‘igh’ & ‘oa’ stickers and worksheets

Procedure before class:

1.       Photostat the worksheets for pupils to do in pairs.

Procedure in class:

1.       Teacher shows the grapheme cards ‘igh’ and ‘oa’.
2.       Teacher sounds the graphemes and follow by pupils.
3.       Then, pupils sound it in groups and individually.
4.       Teacher shows the flash cards and blends the words.

  • a.       th/igh
  • b.       t/igh/t
  • c.        n/igh/t
  • d.       s/igh
  • e.       l/igh/t
  • f.         g/oa/t
  • g.       r/oa/d
  • h.       f/oa/m

5.       Teacher guides them to sound the words correctly.
6.       Teacher asks pupils to make a circle. Teacher selects one of the pupils to hold the word cards.
7.       Teacher plays the music and asks him/her to pass the word card to the next pupil and the card is passed to other pupils until the music stop.
8.       When the music stops, the pupil who holds the word card must sound the word correctly.
9.       The activity then continues.
10.    Teacher hands out the worksheets and stickers to pupils. Teacher asks pupils to work in pairs. Pupils join the graphemes ‘igh’ or ‘oa’ to the letters to form correct words.



For step 6: Pupils choose the flash cards, match it with correct word and sound the word correctly.

For more advanced students:

Step 4: Teacher sounds the grapheme and pupils write it down on the board.

Step 5: In group of four, each member in the group listens and writes down the sound (words) mentioned by teacher on the board.


Pupils can choose any phoneme they like whether ‘igh’ or ‘oa’. They write it on a small piece of paper and clip it on their uniform for them to remember. Next day, each of them will sound the phoneme.