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What Is …?

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What Is …?


By the end of the activity pupils will be able to:


·     identify occupations

Target Language:

Names of occupations

Time needed for preparation:

5 minutes

Time needed in class:

60 minutes


Year 3

Language Focus:


Activity Use:


Pupil Task:

Whole Class

Which learning institute:



picture cards of occupations, word cards of occupations

Procedure before class:

1.       Enlarge and print out the occupations picture cards
2.       Prepare the occupations word card to be distributed to every pupil


Procedure in class:

1.       Review the occupations: teacher/pilot/doctor/nurse/postman/baker.
   a.       Using the occupations picture cards, hold up the cards and ask the pupils to name the occupations.
      o   Teacher : What is he/she?
      o   Pupil/s   : He/She is a …
2.       Place the picture cards at different parts of the classroom. When the teacher gives the instructions as given below, pupils run to the picture.
     a.       Shamir and Asmaul, where is the teacher?
     b.       Vanessa, Airis and Saiful, where is the pilot?
3.       Teacher introduces the following dialogues:
     a.       What is he? / He is a __________.
     b.       What is she? / She is a __________.
4.       Pupils are given a word card of an occupation each and in groups of three, they practise the dialogue the teacher has presented earlier.
     a.       Student 1: What is he? (pointing at Student 2)
     b.       Student 3: He is a …
5.       Conduct a short game; another version of the “Simon Says”. Pupils are assigned to an occupation by the teacher.
     a.       Stand up, teachers.
     b.       Sit down, pilots.
     c.        Jump, teachers and pilots. 


Follow Up:


Pupils are given a worksheet with pictures of occupations and it requires them to answer the question given.



For step 2, teacher can prepare red (false) and green (true) cards and pupils hold up the card of their choice in response to the matching of the picture and word card. For instance, the picture of a teacher is matched to the teacher word card. Pupils hold up the green card. 



Pupils can take the cards home to practice or the teacher can collect them to use later for another activity.