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Yummy and Yuk!


By the end of the activity pupils will be able to:

·     talk about likes and dislikes for food and drink

Target Language:

Vocabulary for food and drink: I like _____ I don’t like _______

Time needed in class:

30 minutes


Year 1
Year 2

Language Focus:


Activity Use:


Pupil Task:

Pair Work
Whole Class

Which learning institute:



Markers pens/chalk

Procedure before class:


Procedure in class:

1.       Introduce “I like” and “I don’t like” - preparing the board without food drawings by dividing it into two sections: “likes” on the left and “dislikes” on the right, indicated with a smiley and unhappy face.
2.       First, draw a food or drink in the ‘like’ column, such as an apple. Get everyone to shout out what you have drawn. Gesture that you like this, say “Yummy!” and rub your tummy and smile – make it obvious that you like it a lot. Say “I like apples”.
3.       Next, draw something in the ‘dislike’ column, such as a tomato) Again, get everyone to shout out what you have drawn. Gesture that you don’t like this (say “Yuk!” and grimace - make it obvious that you don’t like it. Say “I don’t like tomatoes”.
4.       To make sure everyone understands, draw another food/drink item in the ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ columns, using the same structure and gestures as before. This will turn into a fun guessing game as everyone tries to guess what is being drawn.
5.       After this, the students are going to draw some pictures on the board. Choose a student and point to the ‘like’ column and say, “Draw a food or drink that you like”. When student draws the item, everyone has to guess what it is. Then get the student to say “I like__________”. The next student should draw something in the ‘dislike’ column and say “I don’t like__________.” Keep bringing students up to the board to draw their likes and dislikes until the board is pretty full.
6.       Controlled practice saying “I like__” and “I don’t like__”. Put the students in pairs. They are going to make sentences using the food and drinks items on the board. Model with a student first so everyone understands what to do: Teacher says “apple” – choosing an item from the board. The student has to make a sentence, for example, “I like apples” Then, in pairs, students take turns in choosing a food item for their partner to make a sentence about. For example:
7.       Student A : apples
Student B: I like apples
8.       Also encourage students to use phrases such as “Yummy!” and “Yuk!”


Follow Up:


Pupils in pairs or small groups personalise the language to say what food and drink they like and don’t like.


Pupils put flashcards in boxes at the front of the class and make sentences



Pupils could follow up further by creating a sheet, using cut-out or drawn pictures, to show their personal likes and dislikes for a classroom display.